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Thanks so much for visiting our website. I am Tishia. I am a mother, and a wife first, and then a photographer. I have an amazing family that is so supportive of all of my passions and goals. When I’m not behind the camera I am with my family and friends, in the garden or obsessing over my chickens. Thats right. I am the crazy chicken lady as Breanna (the worlds best assistant) would tell you. Breanna is my side kick. Where you see one you’ll probably see the other. She’s always close by and I am so very grateful of her. (She’s also very talented behind a camera, but wouldn’t admit to it.)

Besides my family and chickens, my passions lie with a camera in hand. I love to photograph people. There is nothing like a mother seeing her pictures and just seeing her light up. Its an awesome feeling. I also love to teach about cameras. I teach a Mom’s with Camera’s class every few months and love love love everything about teaching photography. As much as I love to photograph your kids, I also believe that as a parent we should be able to take photos of our own children without needing to pay someone for every occasion. So teaching you how to use that camera that your hubby bought you is just as satisfying to me.

I believe that God gave me a talent and I want to use my talent as He would want me to. So I photograph your families, and I teach camera classes to share my knowledge, but I also volunteer my time when I can. I volunteer for NILMDTS, which is a nonprofit organization. We photograph Angels. If you don’t know about the services please look up the organization. Its an amazing gift we get to give to parents that are struggling with the loss of their child. Yes it is hard, Yes it is a challenge, But I do it because I feel called to share my talents with people that need a service during the most difficult time of their lives. (If you have questions about the service please call me. I will be happy to share my story with you)

So to sum it all up, I love what I do. I have a husband that is a published artist, that shares my love for photography, two children that are my inspiration, and a gift from God that I love to share with others. I am a blessed woman. And if you ever see me and I seem scattered, well… thats just me.  Too much on my plate, but its overflowing with blessings.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to meet you and your family soon. I always love a new smile.

Here’s my contact info…

Tishia@btsphotos.com  ~  760-964-9379 (call or text)

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